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White Flag Certified Safe Marine Area (CSMA)
01 Mar

White Flag Certified Safe Marine Area (CSMA)

White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMAs) stand for the world's most purest and cleanest oceans', lakes' and rivers' surfaces physically cleaned from plastic and other marine debris.

Since its launch in Monaco (2012) with H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Whiteflag International has managed to become the world's most respected symbol and brand representing the cleanest plastic-free areas and safe zones for inhabitants and tourists, but also for aquatic and fragile marine life. With its unique concept and high standards required to become a White Flag beneficiary, Whiteflag Int. has managed to clean hundreds of marine areas from plastic and marine debris. These places are categorized as White Flag Certified Safe Marine Areas (CSMAs).

Considered by numerous governments as the most concrete measure ever taken for physically cleaned oceans, lakes, and rivers, this symbol and brand is currently acquired by more than 60 governments around the world. More than 20 countries are in the process of certification, while more than 15 countries already have the White Flag which has a long waiting list because of its high standards and requirements that need to be fulfilled. One of the reasons for the enormous interest in White Flag is because it presents the world's only Self-Sustainable Ocean Cleaning System (SSOCS) which can be financed by the local and national government, and the corporate sector of the country.

The White Flag can be given to governments as a franchise, but only under direct supervision from Whiteflag Int. which in this case increases the economic growth of the country. Whiteflag Int. has the unique global promotion system and its own high-developed communication system OCEPS - Ocean Communication, Education, and Promotion System which prevents the marine areas from future pollution and educates the public about the importance of keeping the ocean clean and saving the marine life. White Flag represents the future of the oceans, lakes, and rivers all around the world, as it provides concrete proof in numbers of total extracted plastic and marine debris - this number is being updated after every ocean cleanup completed.

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