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Six ambassadors cleaning Murter seabed!
06 Jun

Six ambassadors cleaning Murter seabed!

On the occasion of the World Environment Day (June 05, 2018), WhiteFlag International, under the leadership of Mr. Kristijan Curavić, has launched an ecological project Ocean Ambassadors, in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada, and partners from the Šibenik-Knin County, Murter-Kornati Municipality, and Tourist Board of Murter-Kornati Municipality. Following the global theme for WED 2018, Beat Plastic Pollution, the project was launched as the first diplomatic eco-action in Croatia, which took place in Town of Murter on the Island of Murter.

This eco-action has gathered six ambassadors in Croatia - H.E. Mr. Daniel Maksymiuk (Ambassador of Canada), H.E. Mr. Thomas Eberhard Schultze (Ambassador of Germany), H.E. Mr. Juraj Priputen (Ambassador of Slovakia), H.E. Mr. Lars Schmidt (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden), H.E. Mr. Stefan Estermann (Ambassador of Switzerland) and H.E. Mr. Andrew Stuart Dalgleish (Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Mr. Toni Turčinov, the Murter-Kornati Municipality Mayor, has also joined this action by diving with the ambassadors. All of them, accompanied by the professional WhiteFlag Int. divers, have physically cleaned the seabed of Murter archipelago and they have taken out more than 25 bags of plastic and other non-degradable waste. All the aforementioned have been awarded the Ocean Ambassador certificate for taking this concrete action towards preserving, protecting and cleaning up our most valuable natural resource.

“We need to introduce some concrete changes, not only in the law, but also introduce measures which will ensure that actions like this are not maintained recreationally or voluntary once per year. There is so much plastic and other non-degradable waste in the Adriatic sea that we would need to work systematically on this issue for 5 or 6 years. Nowadays, tourism is growing rapidly in Europe, especially in Croatia, so this problem represents an inescapable theme for all the relevant ministries and institutions. This is only a start.  For the first time in 12 years – as long as I am doing this – we are having six ambassadors who are physically diving with us for cleaning up the sea, not just by sending the support letter. I think this highlights the importance of this project“ - said Kristijan Curavić, WhiteFlag Int. CEO and Ocean Ambassadors project founder.

By cleaning up the Adriatic sea, this diplomatic eco-action was aimed on raising the citizens' awareness of one of the biggest problems today – the amount of plastic and non-degradable waste that is found at the seabed or floating with sea currents, often killing marine life, but also endangering human health. This is also in accordance with the newest European Commission's strategy on tackling the plastic pollution crisis since plastics represents more than an 80% of the total marine litter.

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