Location: Visovac, Šibensko-kninska, Croatia
Date of award: 20.06.2016.
White Flag awarded by: Kristijan Curavić, OACM President

WhiteFlag International declared Šibenik-Knin County the environmental guardian of the island of Visovac in the Krka National Park.

The festive program, which was attended by many guests on the Visovac Island, started the cooperation of the Ocean Alliance Conservation Member (GUWAA) and the County to care for the preservation and protection of the underwater of Visovac Island. Šibenik-Knin County became the first County in Croatia and the world, which received the White Flag for the environmental care of an underwater world of one island. Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has, for the first time, opened a special White Flag owner category. So far, only categories such as beaches, hotels, marinas, cities and national parks have been able to apply.

The White Flag is a symbol of the clean seabed and of the protection and preservation of water life. It is a motive for anyone who cares about the environment. In line with efforts to improve the current state of the global problems of the aquatic ecosystems, it draws attention to raising awareness of the importance of protecting water resources, environment, and living organisms. On the beautiful island of Visovac, in a unique ambiance, a new page was turned - an environmental chapter that will have a global resonance. In fact, this act of Visovac, together with its ecological guardian, Sibenik-Knin County, enrolled in the very ecological elite, considering that a few White Flags awarded around the world on an annual basis in the existing categories. This Sibenik-Knin ensures the promotion of the island of Visovac, not only here but also in the world.

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