Hotel Bellevue

Location: Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Date of award: 08.08.2015.
White Flag awarded by: Helga Piaget, Passion Sea founder

Mali Lošinj, August 8, 2015 - the White Flag, an international symbol of the clean seabed, was awarded to the Bellevue Hotel for preservation and protection of the sea and seabed of the Čikat Bay.

The president of the Jadranka d.d. Board, Sanjin Šolić, handed the White Flag ceremoniously to Helga Piaget, the creator of the international environmental, educational, and artistic project Passion Sea that nurtures love and passion for the sea, and our famous diver Kristijan Curavić, OACM President, for the preservation and protection of the oceans, lakes, and rivers

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