Golden Bay

Location: Malta
Date of award: 05.10.2018.
White Flag awarded by: Kristijan Curavić, OACM President

On October 5th, a diving session and clean-up of Ramla Bay beach was organized by WhiteFlag International. The beach was cleaned up by H.E. José Herrera, Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Malta, H.E. Alexandra Herrera, Mr. Jesper Kärrbrink, Mr Green CEO, Mr. Rikard Rinaldo, Mr Green Communication Director, led by Mr. Kristijan Curavić, OACM President and dive operating chief, accompanied by WhiteFlag Int. Diving Inspectors.

After the successful extraction of a fair amount of non - degradable waste, the rest of the event was transferred back to Golden Bay. During the award ceremony, H.E. Mr. José Herrera was awarded the White Flag by Mr. Kristijan Curavić. The clean - up and maintaining of the Golden Bay beach is financed by Mr Green Ltd, Ocean Guardian who is not only supporting WhiteFlag International's initiatives but also, its representatives physically helped in cleaning the beach.

"Raise the Flag for the Oceans" campaign has officially started at the Golden Bay beach in Malta, launched by H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, who has nominated H.E. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal, to continue with concrete measures of extracting plastic and other marine waste from the ocean in His country.

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