Beach Valdarke

Location: Mali Lošinj, Croatia
Date of award: 18.07.2015.
White Flag awarded by: Kristijan Curavić, OACM President

On Saturday, 18th July 2015, the town of Mali Lošinj has become one of the owners of the White Flag, which is the exclusive symbol of the clean seabed. The Mayor, Gari Cappelli, received the White Flag for the Valdarke beach which, as guaranteed by the OACM divers, has clean seawater and seabed, ensuring a healthy and protected underwater life.

The general public got familiar with this prestigious award at the Ana Rucner concert that marked the solemn entry of the Town of Mali Lošinj into the family that cares about the sea as our most important resource.

Aside from several entities in the Republic of Croatia, only certain individuals have so far managed to become the proud owners of the White Flag, including Prince Albert II of Monaco, Borut Pahor for Bled, and Gjorge Ivanov for Ohrid.

"By meeting the criteria for owning the White flag, the town of Mali Lošinj truly proved its care for the largest Croatian treasure and emphasized the importance of guardianship over the sea and seabed”, said the mayor of Mali Lošinj, Gari Cappelli.

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