Punta Rata Beach and Podrače

Location: Brela, Croatia
Date of award: 08.07.2015.
White Flag awarded by: Kristijan Curavić, OACM President

The award-winning and world-famous beaches of Punta Rata and Podrače in Brela were awarded the White Flag, a sign of clean sea water, and a symbol for "sea with the cleanest environment and the seabed". 

After the detailed check of the level of water purity, 2 white flags were officially handed on 08/07/2015. g. to the Mayor of Brela, Stipe Ursić by Mr. Kristijan Curavić, president of OACM.

These awards have once again confirmed that Brela is one of the most beautiful and cleanest sea destinations in Croatia. From now on, the municipality of Brela will fulfill the duty to undertake inspections of the underwater seabed to maintain high standards for the White Flag.

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