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    Whiteflag International - protect, preserve and clean

    Established in order to protect all water life, as well as life above the surface, all of which is dependent on this precious natural resource. The White Flag itself is an ecological symbol that represents clean oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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    SAFE Whiteflag Beach certification

    The guarantee that provides the customer not only a swim-safe area but the complete image of a company that is ecologically aware and professional in every aspect of their hospitality and comfort.

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    World Aqua Day - world's biggest cleanup in history

    Created by one diver to unite the whole planet in order to respond to the biggest threat, ocean pollution, that is endangering all human and marine life. 

Why should you choose a Whiteflag establishment?

The holders of the White Flag directly support the protection of the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers by performing local cleanups. A percentage of the profit from each White Flag goes directly to GUWAA (Global Underwater Awareness Association), a non-profit NGO that works to clean the waterways globally via hands-on practical cleanups. GUWAA has acquired worldwide credibility through showing visual results by salvaging enormous amounts of garbage from the bottoms of the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Visit GUWAA website for more information.

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Awarded certificates

Last White Flag awarded owners

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj

Location: Mali Lošinj, Beach Valdarke, Croatia
Date of award: 18 July 2015
White Flag awarded by: Kristijan Curavić, Founder GUWAA
Zlatni Rat, Bol, Brač

Zlatni Rat, Bol, Brač

Location: Zlatni Rat, Bol, Brač, Croatia
Date of award: 19 June 2015
White Flag awarded by: Daniel Azouar, White Flag Member

Last news

Blue Beach Vodice
22 May

Blue Beach Vodice

Plava (Blue) Beach in Vodice became a proud owner of the White Flag - the global environmental symbol for clean water surfaces. Whiteflag International, in partnership with Prince Albert II of...
Visovac Island
05 Jul

Visovac Island

Whiteflag International declared Šibenik-Knin County the environmental guardian of the island of Visovac in the Krka National Park. The festive program, which was attended by many guests on the...
Together for clean BIH waters
01 Dec

Together for clean BIH waters

The project is of great social significance aimed at cleaning the river at locations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Launched in late 2014 to address the problem of pollution of rivers in...

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