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Blitz-Cinestar first movie theater with White Flag

Friday, 12 June 2015 12:24


On Friday, June 12, at 11 am in the Hall of CineStar Gold Class by American Express in the Arena Centre, the company Blitz-CineStar became the proud owner of the electronic white flag (GUWAA E-White Flag), a major award for contribution to the preservation and protection of the sea, rivers and lakes that was awarded for their investment and care for waste disposal and promoting the preservation of Croatian waters.

Blitz-Cinestar - first movie theater to receive E-White Flag

This is the first theater in the world to receive the white flag, which will be given special recognition by Prince Albert II of Monaco himself during his visit to Croatia in September this year! Hereby, Blitz-CineStar became a partner in the preservation of the environment with the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Certificate of electronic white flag was officially handed to director of marketing of Blitz-CineStar Ltd. Sasa Kesić Leko by Kristijan Curavić, founder and president of GUWAA organization and the International Union for the conservation and protection of the sea, rivers and lakes. On this occasion, Ms. Kesić said: "We are proud that today we become the owner of the electronic white flag, this is a crown of our investments focused on the purification of waste and promoting the preservation of Croatian waters. We thank the GUWAA Association and Mr. Curavić who recognized our efforts and systematic campaign, which calls for care of the disposed waste in order to together ensure a better future for our planet. "

Mr. Bašić noted: "I thank GUWAA organization and Blitz-Cinestar in this great action and a project that is of paramount importance. It is known that the environment and its biodiversity is crucial tourist resource that must be preserved. This is one of the preconditions for Croatian tourism we all we want - in the first place must be the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, which can only be achieved by raising awareness about it. "

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