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Croatia Aqua Day 2015.

Saturday, 30 May 2015 12:24


Croatian Aqua Day 2015.

3rd Croatian Waters day was marked with a big cleaning action of Croatia waters all over the country organized by the preservation of the underwater world GUWAA and Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco. It is the largest environmental action so far in which 20 cities were cleaning waters at the same time involving more than a hundred divers.

They were cleaning the rivers, lakes and the sea floor in Rijeka, Zadar, Zagreb, Varaždin, Petrinja, Slavonski Brod, Trogir, Sisak, Ilok and many other cities, with a final ceremony and mop-up operation in the heart of the town Split - on the waterfront.

This project aims to raise awareness of the need to conserve our water and constantly clean environment. On the Split waterfront, support to this national ecological project with Christian Curavić, gave a number of celebrities such as actress Jagoda Kumrić, singer Meri Cetinić, singer Ivo Amulić and singing group Rišpet.

'I am very proud to be behind another successful Day of Croatian waters, and I'm glad we held the final event here in Split and showed the importance of cleaning action underwater. I am mostly grateful to colleagues divers and diving centers who are involved in this action. Today more than one hundred of them dived and contributed by cleaning the environment and our water, "said Kristijan Curavić, diver and founder of the association GUWAA.