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White Flag

Saturday, 24 January 2015 12:24



Based in Oslo, Norway, White Flag International represents the initiative and is a symbol in the efforts for clean aquatic ecosystems. Clean oceans, lakes and rivers and their protection is one of the main goals of White Flag International. It represents the protection, preservation and cleanliness of our planets aquatic ecosystems. White Flag International was created in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA), in the interest of protection  all life in aquatic ecosystems as well as life above the water surface, all of which are dependent on this precious natural resource.

White Flag International provides consumers with reassurance that they support the initiative which prioritizes ecology through the projects and efforts of clearing aquatic ecosystems from manmade wastes as well as annual checkups of the cleared areas.

White Flag International provides expert service of inspection, waste removal, preservation and education to tourist facilities and businesses. Seabed and waterbed are physically cleaned by divers, using all necessary support which is crucial for maintenance of pristine conditions.

White Flag International knows no boundaries, it is a global symbol that connects us all, regardless of race, religion or nationality, in an effort to clean our ecosystems and keep them clean. Action and prevention making a difference, one flag at a time for generations to come.

Think global, act local.

In the photo: President of GUWAA Kristijan Curavic is presenting Macedonian President Đorge Ivanov with the White Flag (October 5th 2014, Hotel Inex Gorica, Lake Ohrid, Macedonia).