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World Wide Clean Up

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 12:23


3rd Croatian Aqua Day

This is the third Croatian Aqua Day in 3 years where more than 30 cities will particiapte in this ecological underwater cleanup organized by GUWAA and White Flag International. The opening ceremony will take place in Split with many distinguished guests.

2nd Slovenian Aqua Day

This is the second Slovenian Aqua Day which is organized by GUWAA. Last year the 1st Slovenian Aqua Day was officially opened by the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor and who participated in the cleanup as well. This year the goal is to have over 12 cities participating in this action to clean and preserve our most precious natural resource, water.

President of Slovenia and Kristijan Curavic inspecting the divers before the official jump for the Slovenian Aqua Day

1st Bosnian Aqua Day

Beautiful lakes and rivers in Bosnia are well-known throughout the region. GUWAA is on a mission to protect those natural resources as well. Opening ceremony will be organized in the capital town Sarajevo with many distinguished Bosnians who support our attempts to protect, preserve and clean the seas, lakes and rivers.

1st Norwegian Aqua Day

GUWAA has moved the Head Office to Oslo, Norway, to organize World Aqua Day. This is a great opportunity to organize a local cleanup with more than 15 cities participating in the event. Opening ceremony will be organized in Oslo on March 28th.

Norwegian divers with Kristijan Curavic at the first cleanup in Oslo before the White Flag ceremony at Kon-Tiki Museum.

1st German Aqua Day

German Aqua Day will be organized in May 2016 with all the biggest German cities participating in the biggest ever German water cleaning project. The preparation for this cleanup will already start in October 2015.

1st Macedonian Aqua Day

1st Macedonian Aqua Day is still being organized, however, cleanup action will take place in June. This Aqua Day will be officially opened by the President of Macedonia Đorge Ivanov who received the White Flag recognition last year by GUWAA President Kristijan Curavic on Ohrid Lake on behalf of Inex Hotel.