About White Flag

The White Flag is an ecological symbol that represents clean oceans, lakes and rivers.  It represents the protection, preservation and cleanliness of our planets water. White Flag in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and GUWAA.org - the Global UnderWater Awareness Association, was created in order to protect all life in the water as well as life above the surface, all of which is dependent on this precious natural resource.

WhiteFlag provides consumers with the knowledge that they are supporting businesses who prioritize ecology by ensuring their aquatic areas have been cleared of marine debris and are maintained on an annual basis.

WhiteFlag provides tourist facilities with the expertise to first inspect, then clean and preserve their waterways, by physically cleaning the seabed and providing them with the support needed to maintain pristine conditions.

WhiteFlag knows no boundaries, it is a global symbol that connects us all, regardless of race, religion or nationality, in an effort that will clean our waters and keep them clean. Action and prevention making a difference, one flag at a time for generations to come.


Our Mission

WhiteFlag's mission is to systematically clean up water zones and keep them clean, by providing institutions with the means necessary to inspect, manage and maintain their aquatic areas. While simultaneously creating a global awareness about the problem of marine debris, providing consumers with an opportunity to choose to spend their time and money at locations who set the standard on pristine water conditions.

"As much as we need the blood to stream through our bodies so we need the oceans, lakes and rivers to run through our planet."

Kristijan Curavić, GUWAA Founder

Our Partners

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation


"I decided to set up a Foundation whose purpose is to protect the environment and to encourage sustainable development (…). By definition, this is a common global challenge that requires urgent and concrete action in response to three major environmental issues: climate change, biodiversity and water."

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

WhiteFlag via it's cooperation with GUWAA.org is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to combine their expertise in the field of marine preservation.

The Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA) is a nonprofit environmental organization whose aim is to clean the seas, rivers and lakes, and raise awareness of the impact of polluting water, thus enabling environmental consciousness and activities.
Founded by Kristijan Curavić, world record freediver.

THE MISSION: To clean sea and land waters of dangerous, non-biodegradable refuse, and raise awareness of the environmentally safe behaviour and activities of individuals and organisations by thinking globally and acting locally;

THE VISION: To become a global organisation that cleans and protects sea and land water through specific local and worldwide actions.

GUWAA is supported by the Prince Albert Foundation to develop technical, scientific and methodological cooperation which shall enable them to pool and benefit from their specific expertise and experience in the field of marine preservation. As well as cooperate in order to organise jointly, among other things, events, conferences, round tables and symposia on water pollution and topics concerning the field and to produce common tools for communication, capitalisation and knowledge development.
GUWAA's  headquarters are in Oslo, Norway.